A Bit About Me

Hi folks! I am an Asian American expat mom/mum married to a British expat dad. After living in NYC for almost 16 years, we moved to Thailand three years ago with our two daughters (11 years, 6 years) and are here for the long haul. Since relocating we have had the opportunity to travel to wonderful places and have some fine adventures.

This is just a little blog about my travel experiences with my family. I’m doing this for fun, not for fame or fortune (which is a good thing, otherwise I’d be one broke a** mama) – just sharing my experiences and hopefully you’ll find a few helpful nuggets. Bear in mind we aren’t the ex-pats who are swimming in money. We live well, but have a budget and don’t travel the 5-star route. So if you are looking for something about fabulous hotels and top tier tours, I am not that blog. If you are family who likes to travel, but has a tight budget to keep in mind and are not averse to trying new things even if they fail, read on…